Monday, March 1, 2010

She's living, she's golden.

Ohh man, so I know I haven't blogged "properly" in forever, but hey, I've been pretty busy.
Honestly, everything's been pretty darn great ever since semester 1 ended a month and a bit ago, and it's still looking up. Synchro's good, I've had time to chill with my friends, I like my classes (generally), and now I'm with the most amazing guy. I spent a weekend skiing in New York with friends, and I'm going to Mexico in less than two weeks. Time to get my tan back! And yesterday I went on a bit of a major shopping spree, and spent way to much money for my own good. But man, it was worth it. Some gorgeous stuff. AND Canada totally killed at the Olympics, holla! How's everyone else doing? :)

And before I forget, thank you everyone for following! xo

So the lovely Tegan from tagged me in this "pass it on" kind of thing. So it's made up of 12 Likes, 1 Love, and 8 Hates. Thank you Tegan! (ps, I'll get back to your email asap, sorry). So obviously I'll get to this survey right now...
Here it goes!


1. Concerts, I just love the energy/feel from them. But I like music in general, I don't know what I'd do without my iPod.
2. New things that I get/buy, especially clothes/technology (haha, geeeeeky)
3. Synchronized swimming, aka my sport, my life, ya knooooow.
4. Magazines! I could honestly read any kind. Foreign magazines are so cool too.
5. Anything warm (the beach, hot cities, summer, fireplaces, hot drinks on cold days, fuzzy warm blankets, hot showers/baths sigh, I wasn't made for Canada, I think I'm cold-blooded)
6. Sugary food (I have a major sweet tooth, yikes), like cake/cookies/ice cream... etc.
7. Obviously I like (LOVE) my friends/family like crazy.
8. Long, lazy car rides (in the summer, that is)
9. Tim Horton's French Vanillas (mmmmm, if anyone visits/lives in Canada, try one, trust me, they're heaven in a cup)
10. Tanning, (11 more days til Mexico!)
11. Laughing until I'm crying
12. Getting all dressed up for an event (but I also like lounging in hoodies on lazy days just as much)
Bonus 13. Clean bed sheets after a relaxing shower, soooo nice.
1 Love
1. Life :)
8 Hates
1. Being sick, like I am right now. It's a major suckfest.
2. Forgetting things.
3. Bugs, I'm not a bug person at all :P.
4. Cold pool water (though I basiclly live in it)
5. Flying! Well actually, I don't mind the actual flying part, I just have a fear of something bad happening... even though I've flown many times before, I can't shake the phobia!
6. Mondays (pretty self-explanitory)
7. Not being able to fall asleep/stay asleep.
8. Seafood, yuuuuuck.
9. Pimples! Soooo annoying.

Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind


  1. omg yes, seafood is GROSS! x

  2. Synchronized swimming?? That is so so so awesome! Don't you have to hold your breath for a really really long time? Love the picture!


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