Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm crashing down.

Do you ever have those really crummy days? Yeah, I've been having quite a few of those recently. Only 5 more school days until exams... I swear to God, math will be the end of me. I need a vacation, asap. And a math tutor (or a miracle would work nicely as well). Tell me, HOW does someone drop 23% from their midterm?! That's so brutal it's almost humorous. Actually, it's called being lazy and not doing a lot of the homework, as well as doing the "more important" homework before math. Uggggggggh. I got myself into this, but if I don't get like, 100% on my exam I'm done. It's a shame, it's going to bring down my (otherwise good) average hardcore. Goodbye honor role. AHHHH! -_-

Sorry for that rant, I'm very frustrated at the moment. Hope you guys are doing better then me! Hopefully I'll regain my more characteristic postitive outlook second semester. In 12 days it'll all be over.
Much love, xo.
Kid Finish - London Lights

(Oh, before I forget, on a more positive note I've recently givin up my usual "quality" mascara (Like MAC, Smashbox, Lancome, etc.) for Covergirl Lash Blast. And I can honestly tell you that my lashes look just as good, if not better than any other mascara I've tried. And it's WAY way waaaaay cheaper. Hallelujah! I definitely recommend it. I used to be a little "against" drugstore mascara, but I realize now how biased that was of me. This stuff is fab. Looooove it.)


  1. i feel your pain. HATED maths :)

  2. It's absolutly horrible. I have it every single morning too!

  3. haha omg i use lashblast too! it's the BEST! best drugstore mascara i've ever used. and holy crap i totally feel your pain about school, etc., I've been in this totally depressing funk lately- i haven't been going to school because of it, i feel claustrophobic at home, i gave in my two weeks at work, and i totally feel like i'm falling apart! partly why i dyed my hair too- trying to give myself fun things to look forward to. plus this dreary post-christmas weather is not all that great either :( oh and i actually got a math tutor a few weeks ago too! i feel like we're in the same boat-it's nice to know someone else feels the same!


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