Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm finally dooooooooooooooooooooooone my exams!! Yeh yeh yeh! Science and Math were somewhat brutal, but French and Religion were easy...peasy. I had my last two today, and after school was a good time. Chatting with the bestie, Timmies, spontaniously running into/hanging with these guys, Shoppers... good stuff. Twas fun. Now I have 5 glorious days of no homework, hello freedom! Even though I have to go to the pool pretty much every night this week (boo), I still have some things I want to get done (instead of lazing around the house);
-clean clean my room (I'm talkin' garbage bags and organizing everything)
-decorate my room (since I repainted it last year, it hasn't gotten much further on the style scale)
-start a real photo album again with my new photo printer! (I'm really missing the old feel of physical photographs, jpegs on the PC doesn't beat the real thing)
-get a freaking haircut, it's gotten so long, and the chlorine in the pool wrecks it, hardcore
-chill avec mes amies
-go shopping?! (because I never seem to anymore)
I'm sure more will add to that list, but hey. Time to partay.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (great movie)


  1. ahhh i'm looking forward to when mine will be done! i have the same goals as you right now:) i've gotten the haircut, but the room is in need of a real cleanse w/ *sniff* throwing things away, etc.,! PLUS i am sooo in need of putting a photo album together!!

  2. oh yay, congrats for you!
    i LOVE ferris buellers day off! its a fantastic 80's film!!

  3. hey there, well done, I just gave you a award thing on my blog xxx

  4. Thank you guys! :)
    And yes, it IS a fantastic film, I love it.


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