Saturday, January 2, 2010

"You've got this moment right now, this is our time right f*cking now"

-Billie Joe Armstrong
July 17, 2009One of the best nights of my year.
If you didn't already know, I am a huge Green Day fan. Major. And when I found out they were coming to my hometown this past summer, I was honestly freaking. Being the devoted fan that I was (lmao), I could not pass up the oppertunity to see them live. Three years ago, I remember they came here, but my mum wouldn't let me go, because they were coming the night right before my first day of school -_- (I was obviously younger then, hah). So of course I got tickets! Seriously, I could not get over how freaking amazing the concert was. I still can't! It was by far the best concert I've EVER been to. I wish I could just replay it over and over perfectly in my head. We had amazing tickets (though general admission would've been even better, crowd surfing yo!) and honestly had one of the best rocking nights of my whole life. I know not everyone likes Green Day, but bear with me. They were part of my "growing up" years, and I used to listen to their albums religiously. Billie Joe Armstrong is love. I just totally let loose at that concert, I was jumping up and down the whole time, singing along, and just taking it all in. Also, there was a cute guy right beside me (who knew all the lyrics, future husband perhaps?). Seeing them perform in real life made me want to rock out (which I did, of course), and bawl my eyes out at the same time (which I didn't). Loooooove them, so much. They bring out my inner "rocker", hahahhhaa.
Seeing them in concert made me want to drop out of school and become a rockstar (which of course I wouldn't, but one can dream right?).
So before the concert, guess who was circling the parking lot of the stadium on mini motercycles? Um, some band members yes! I was literally like, 5 meters away from Tre Cool, the drummer. I was silently freaking.

Oh hey, it's me and the bro in a picture with Billie Joe. (Hahahaa, I'm such a loser)Love. (all pictures from the show I went to were either taken by myself... or some profesh photographer)


  1. hehe, that's pretty cool. i really want to see 3oh!3 as i am like in loooove with them right now. but they don't have any england gigs coming up as far as i know :(
    jazz xox

    btw, thanks for the comment(: follow my blog?

  2. Awww, I think they've been around here with the Vans Warped Tour but I don't know if they're coming back this year...
    And no problem :).

  3. 3oh!3 ruuuule :)
    Garn, I wanna be your PEN PAL, 'cos you live in Canadaa!! e-mail me?? (I promise I'm not a scary fat man with a knife...) xo

  4. I was obsessed with Green Day for a bit in grade seven, and i'm still excited when I hear their songs and surprised that I still remember all the lyrics! I saw them when they came to my city too, and I think that you're absolutely right, they are TERRIFIC performers! Seeing them live makes you love them that much more. I hope you get to meet them one day :)

  5. Oh wow, I love Green Day! Awesome pictures.


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