Thursday, December 24, 2009

Countdown To Christmas!

Hello everyone! :)
Christmas is exactly half an hour away where I am now... and I'm quite pumped.
I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays while I had the time, holidays have been kind of busy...
But yeah, I hope you guys have a great one! Enjoy it :).
Just a few quick little updates de moi...

1. Gave myself another piercing on my ear, so now I have 3 in one earlobe and 1 in the other. Strange? Maybe just a bit... But I'm likin' it.
2. Had my first synchro show of the year. The team that I'm on is doing pretty well, and I was so proud of the team I coach, they're young and they're so cute and they totally rocked it :D. And here's a couple pictures of the crazy hair/makeup I had to do for the show, haha.

3. I was going crazy from school and was SO glad when holidays finally arrived. The last week was half great and half painful. We took a field trip for Science out of town, just like I did last year, which is always fun ;). The painful part was that for the very last period of the last day, I had to sit in class, and write my Physics unit test. Very freaking last thing I did before the holidays. It was absolutly brutal. Not to mention, I was kiiiiinda slacking school-wise recently, I was just exhausted. Glad I have time to recharge now.
4. I just rediscovered television a couple days ago. Just got a brand new tv in the renovated basement, and I was actually spending the night watching it. I haven't sat in front of the tv for hours in years. Literally.

But "chyeah", things are going fairly decently. Hope whoever's reading this is doing well too.
Best wishes, have an AMAZING Christmas!!
Oh, and ps, it's now 12:06, Dec. 25, aka, it's Christmas!!! Ahhhh! :)


  1. i love uneven numbers of piercings in ears. and that's so cool that you're a synchronized swimmer! very unique.

  2. Aww, thank you very much :). And yeah, I like them too, people are always like, why don't you have both ears done the same? I just like it that way.


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