Monday, December 28, 2009

That's what you do, baby.

So guess who's taking up knitting? Oh yeah, yours truly. Haha, I swear I knew how to knit when I was a little kid, but I suppose after all those years I ended up forgeting. But anywhom, during today's holiday family dinner, my mum and my grandma taught me how to knit *thumbs up*. So now I'm in the process of making myself yet another (very simple) scarf. I'm quite excited actually, I'm getting the hang of it now. My yarn and whatnot is actually sitting by my laptop right right this moment. It's going to take forever to finish though, sigh.Current state of my scarf. I'm turning into an old lady already.
And speaking of my laptop, it was my baby's one year anniversary on Christmas day! Haha, I love my laptop, not gonna lie.
While I'm on the topic of my life at the moment, I went shopping today at the biggest mall in the city, and ohhh my god, there were some amazing deals going on. I spent the majority of my time (and money, hah), at Aritzia. I don't know if they have stores outside of Canada, but it's amazing. Mostly everything was still on sale from Boxing Day, thank goodness. But the amount of people in the store was insane. There was a super long lineup to the changerooms, and an even bigger one at the cash. I even willingly decided to try on the clothes in the "communal" change room... besides changing in front of like, 15 people and piling all your junk on the floor, it was actually decent, huge time saver. I ended up getting 3 tops, an oversized black tee, a purple/grey blended oversized tee (I'm really loving the loose look), and a flannel plaid button up, soooo comfy. All by TNA. I should really get pictures up eventually, I wouldn't mind getting some style/fashion stuff incorporated in here actually. And I got coverup and gold eyeshadow pigment at MAC. Their eyeshadows are brilliant.

Oh, and for the record, this is my 5th night on the couch, due to my room being taken by relatives -_-. The spare room's taken too, jeezy. Normally I don't mind being kicked out of my room for a couple nights (at least not too much), but it's getting borderline ridiculous. Gotta love family gatherings (I actually do, but I also want my room back. Badly.)

Hope you guys are doing well! :) xox.
Gorillaz - Dare


  1. 1. I LOVE almost famous and I too wish i grew up in another decade.
    2. you have some serious killer eye make up going on, i love it!
    3. You are freakin rad! haha. Seriously though, i will add you to my blog list cause you're too cute! :)

  2. Ahahaahahaha, aww thank you soooo much :).
    You're such a sweetheart!


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