Saturday, December 26, 2009

Turning back, she just laughs.

Makes me wish I grew up during this time.
Almost Famous.

(Elton John - Tiny Dancer)


  1. hey, thanks for the comment :) And are you KIDDING ME?! England is the most boring place in the whollleee entire world! ('cept for London of course...) But yeah Oxford Uni looks good!

    Ahh, I read your 'About Me' section. And YESSS Starbucks and Gossip Girl...completes me! Totally following you after that! Tegan xo

  2. Hey, thanks heaps for following me!
    Oh and the title suggestion, that's a pretty good idea :) cute blog btw!

  3. Tegan, I replied back on one of your posts :).

    And noo problem at all :). Thank you very much!


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