Saturday, November 14, 2009

I couldn't care less, I'm transfixed in this absolute bliss.

I had the most peaceful Saturday morning that I've had in a long time...
After swimming for an excruciating four and a half hours last night (as per usual), coming home and doing the usual laptop check/getting ready for bed routine, I finally tucked myself into my freshly cleaned flannel sheets, in my perfectly made bed (thank goodness for my amazing cleaning lady). After my cold hands and feet started to thaw under the heat of the covers, I drifted off into sleep.
It was a lovely sleep too, not waking up every once in awhile during the early morning like I usually do, instead actually being asleep until around 9am.
Once I was in a more conscious state, I was in total bliss as I stayed tucked under my warm sheets, shielded from the brisk November cold, with the white sunlight creeping through my mostly closed blinds and onto my duvet.
I love moments like these, when all's quiet and it's just you, without any obligations or commitments. It's in these moments where I find true inner calm.
I wish I had more moments like these.
Enjoy your weekend! :)

(Imogen Heap - Between Sheets)

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