Tuesday, November 17, 2009

James Franco

Oh hello there...
Man, I need to learn to update this more often.
And that'll come eventually, but for now, I'll leave you with some more James Franco goodness...

Ah, I can't get over how goodlooking this guy is!! How can anyone even be that gorgeous?

Haha, he's the reason why I'll watch Spiderman on DVD :).

I'll try to update more (incase anyone happens to read this every once in awhile), promise! Take care, xo.


  1. Yes, "Mr. Handsome" Franco sure is fine! Come see more of this guy with the gorgeous lips and big smile at my blog dedicated to him. There's lots to read in the way of articles, poems, revised songs & fan fiction! Plus videos & pics galore! It's 3 yrs of work & I keep on adding to it! I guess you could say James if my 'current obsession'!

  2. he is so gorgeous. and i love your blog! your writing is amazing.

  3. HOTTTTTTT!!!!
    I thought he was actually brilliant in Milk with Sean Penn. Isn't his face just divine?


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