Sunday, November 8, 2009

Studying Abroad

Sometimes I honestly get the urge to really change things up. Sometimes I just feel the need to "get out". Get out of this routine that's my life, meet new people in a new place. To be even more independant, get culture, and be part of a new experience. It's a huge feeling! I'd love to have the experience of living in another country, somewhere forgein to me. It's all really tempting actually, meeting new people from all over the world, going to a high school in a different country... just wow.

I can just imagine myself in a British school in England, in a cute uniform surrounded by handsome English boys, (LOVE those accents, hahaha). Oh my fantasies. On the English countryside, soaking up the culture. Not to mention, the shopping and things to do! Fashion, rock & roll, Harry Potter... Ahh, wouldn't that be a great experience?

Or even in a crazy city like Tokyo, where I don't even understand the language, but man, what a unique culture. I just want to do something crazy like live on the other side of the world, with my friends and family thousands of miles away. I want that rush, that experience.

The only problems I can think of is that I'd miss my family and friends back home, and the programs are kind of pricy... But it's beyond tempting. (Oh, and I also have a fear of flying, even though I've flown many, many times in the past). I've talked to others who've done student exchanges in the past, and they say it's the most amazing thing, and I definitely wouldn't regret going on one.

If I were to go on one, I would go next year (Grade 11). I would not want to go on a full year exchange, one semester (5 months) at most. And I'll have to decide if I'm serious about this soon, because deadlines will come up eventually... and spots will fill.

But I think sometimes we just need a change to find ourselves.
To let go.
To live.

(Does anyone have any opinions/experience on studying abroad or the urge to get out? I'd love to hear them. Thank you)


  1. Hey!! Thanks for checking out my blog before- I have no idea if anyone ever checks it out even :). And may I say that I absolutely love your blog! Keep going at it :). &for this post- I totally felt the same way when I was thirteen so I told myself to do it and went to Italy for 8 months last year! There were definitely some low lows, but I wouldn't have given last year away for anything! You should definitely do it!! If you want some advice or whatever I'm totally up for giving some. Just email or post me or whatever. If you're going with a program I recommend AFS- they're pretty cheap because they make you fundraise and you can also apply for grants- I got one for $4000! Anyways keep up the blogging :)!

  2. Haha, yeah I "stumbled" upon your blog :). It's really cute, I'll definitely keep checking it out!
    And thank you so much :).

    Wow, Italy must've been beautiful. And yeah, I know there'd be highs and lows, but it's a tough choice, some days I really want to get out of here, and some days I couldn't imagine leaving. But yes, AFS is definitely one of the cheaper ones. :P
    Thank you so much for the advice! :)


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