Sunday, November 29, 2009



Time for another fanfrickintastic (note the sarcasm) week of school. Thank goodness there's only 3 more weeks til holidays!
Ps, today during practice we had a "swim-a-thon", and I swam 100 laps in under 50 minutes... crazy-ness.
And I'm currently watching Home Alone on TV right now... favourite Christmas movie for sure! And I'm in a major shopping mood after going to the mall for the first time in awhile before coaching yesterday.... ahhhh. Just an update :)

Anywhoooom, take care :).


  1. Hey there!
    Just dropped by your blog and I think it's awesome. Btw, isn't that James guy below, the actor who plays Harry in the Spiderman movies? He's so cute!

  2. Aww, thank you so much! :) It's nice to know some people check out my blog, haha.
    And yeeeees he is! He's adorable... Ahh.

  3. OMG Home Alone is my favourite christmas movie too!!! I've been having to hold off until my sister gets home tomorrow from Barcelona before I can watch it! I'm dyiingggggg I need to see it like asap!

  4. It's hilarious! Hahaaa, it never gets old. Aww, Barcelona, sounds nice.

  5. home alone is my favorite christmas movie too!!!

    cute blog!

  6. I love it. And thanks so much! :)


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